Butterfly Cannon

Butterfly Cannon’s collection of limited-edition designs for Stoli® x Jason Naylor invite you to “live life colourfully”

Stoli® vodka has a long-standing commitment to freedom of expression; believing that now, more than ever, it is essential to champion everyone’s right to Equality, Kindness, Love and Peace. They challenged us to create an eye-catching limited-edition design that celebrated these values.

In order to show Stoli® vodka’s very real commitment to these values in a way that didn’t feel preachy or overly worthy and was authentic to urban millennial and Gen Z consumers, we selected and commissioned Brooklyn-based graffiti artist Jason Naylor as our creative partner. The playfully executed, positive messages running through his work, a perfect fit for the brand.

Working together we guided and adapted Jason’s work to come alive on pack in a way that stayed true to his artistic vision of ‘live life colourfully’. The resulting art piece is a celebration of self-expression. An explosion of bold colours and shapes, with the all-important words of ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Kindness’ incorporated into the design in different combinations. Through extensive testing of the digitally printed shrink, we were able to successfully capture Jason’s trademark electric colour palette. And even went one stage further by incorporating discoverable details highlighted in a glow-in-the-dark varnish, to bring an extra wow to bar gatherings and house parties.

Our campaign creative shows Jason’s art flowing from the bottle in a fluid and playful way, the dark purple background allowing the individual elements to pop while championing the limited-edition bottle as the main focal point. Whilst our activation toolkit guided the smooth rollout of the campaign across all communications.

The limited-edition bottle is now widely available in the UK as well as over 30 countries around the world.   In addition to being available from leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose and numerous online drinks platforms, it was also be presented at various music festivals and events, including London Cocktail Week and the Boiler Room Festival.

Stoli® x Jason Naylor…Live Life Colourfully

“As always, it was an absolute pleasure to work with the wonderful Butterfly Cannon team; their work is both extraordinarily beautiful and culturally savvy. And by identifying and partnering us with Jason Naylor they have created the perfect Stoli collab!”

Guilherme Brun, Global Creative & Brand Engagement Lead, Stoli® Vodka