Derrick Lin


Design: Syed Waqar Ali Shah Bukhari
Location: Pakistan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: TetraPak Slim Leaf Pack
Printing Process: Flexo Print

The design brief focused on the shelf stand-out through a creative reinterpretation of the conventional design codes.

This product has 3-4 percent simple Fruit Content but contains 120 percent of vitamin A&C (In mango) 180 percent of vitamin A&C (In Apple). so as per regularity issues clients don’t want to showcase real fruits on packaging design.

How we did it:
The key idea behind the design was to create visual stories inspired by the fruit Fruits and juices that are synonymous to a healthy lifestyle. A playful couple gives away a very strong message, a healthy bonding. The slit-like opening at the edge shows the fruit contents in the drink which is also proportionately correct. Playing with the fruits also stands for the ease with which one can include fruits in daily routine.​​​​​​​