Warszawa, Polska

Design: Podpunkt
Location: Poland
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Vegan products

Vege Sisters–brand identity and packaging design for vegan products: cashew cheeses, cashew creamy and vegan „parmesans”. The projects reflect the vegan character of the products and variety of flavors: classic with red pepper, classic with cumin, fenugreek and dried mushrooms, chipotle peppers, dried tomatoes wild garlic, smoked salt with nori, tahini.

We created illustrated characters—animals (the vegan community is an animal lover.

Each character has attributes that correspond with the product taste, helping customers find what they are looking for.


At this moment The Wege Sisters product line has 3 categories of product–each of them has a very strong design link with the brand identity, but at the same time is strongly different—has its own visual personality. The boxes of each group are easily recognizable—for the cashew cheeses we chose to play with illustrated animal characters; for creamy products, we created the plants graphic motifs; for the „parmesans” we built the culinary landscape.


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