Calbuco Chocolate

PlanBe Design

Design: Planbe Design
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hosen Chocolate
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Zip Lock Pouch
Printing Process: Offset, Open Window

Calbuco Chocolate, significant of joyful to family.

As a well-known chocolate brand in Asia, Calbuco Chocolate always delivers quality taste to their chocolate-loving fans, every piece of their chocolate is made with dedication and lovingly handcrafted to perfection.
They are releasing 3 new flavors with a reasonable price point targeting family consumer and this series will leave you coming back for more!

Crunchy whole wafer lusciously drenched in velvety smooth milk chocolate. Experience chocolate sensation like no other.

Packaging Direction:
Different from the previous product image, this is a whole new look of the packaging line! It shows a joyful, fun, attractive color scheme which target a younger age group. We target to get teens, family, and children to buy their chocolate, coming up with an idea of implementing a friendly monster character on the packaging as a mascot to attract them.

Colour Idea:
The friendly monster character uses a single monotone color to avoid stealing the limelight of the product is the chocolate. The real challenge was to pick colors that are attractive on its own yet keeping a balance.

Structure Idea:
A zip lock pouch with individual packets inside to avoid wastage once you open it! We also create an open window on the character’s mouth, to show each chocolate is individually packed for consumers, making it convenient to consume immediately.

What’s Unique?
Our main unique design point would be the outer box design that comes with 12 bags of Calbuco Chocolate pouch.

It is a very convenient pack for festive or retail with just an easy tear off at the top of the box, then pull up the Calbuco Chocolate logo panel to form a display shelf by yourself! This 2 in 1 display box can avoid wastage, saves shelf space for retailers and it is beneficial or recycling.

Don’t you think this is cool for your house party too?