Design: Brandon Agency
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: brands factory, kiddo
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Shampoo, body lotion and hand lotion

From the start of the project, we were faced with multiple challenges.

Our first challenge was to create a strategy for the three products (shampoo, body lotion and hand lotion), each one offering two different scent, color, or ingredients, it was our job to chose the qualities by witch these two products will differ from one another.Our second challenge was the packaging, as our client wasn’t yet certain of the final package forms, we had to figure out a design that could function on any package that will be chosen eventually.

Our strategy was to separate the two products by first choosing two narrowed target audiences, toddlers from 0-3 year old and older children from 5-12, henceforth based on this strategy we chose two different designs and feel that will fit the mood of each direction appropriately. Following this logic, the ingredients of the products for children aged 0-3 are meant for extra sensitive skin, the character designs are “cute” and “soft” thereby communicating the nurturing feel of these particular products. In turn, a different direction is chosen regarding the products targeted to children aged 5-12 The character design for these products are “Bold” and “rude” henceforth communicating the playful feel of this product line.

The solution to our second problem concerning the package forms was to develop a design system that will be used on all the products universally but also is flexible enough to highlight the difference between the products and massaging of each direction.

What’s Unique?
Henceforth by researching different design systems, we landed on the conclusion of using patterns to solve this particular issue as patterns look appropriate on any form of packaging due to their design being independent of the form of the package itself.