Selame Flower Shop

Derrick Lin


Design: Brandon Agency
Location: Armenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Selame
Product Launch Location: Armenia
Packaging Contents: Flower shop
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Craft

After our first meeting with the client, we were left with a lot of words and directions that we could start the visualizing process on. Our first challenge was the careful selection of the words that will be the main source of inspiration for our 3 stylescapes. The title of the two main and secondary stylescapes chosen where “ The craft of nature” and “ Subtlety in business”. Our second challenge was to delicately combine the styles and feels shown in our two stylescapes, in order to end up with a refined and elevated visual style.

What’s Unique?
“Selame” means the language of flowers, according to this ideology each flower has a specific philosophy and that the context of who and where you are giving the flower has to be appropriate, for example, the flower lotus (the main symbol of our logo) represents purity and rebirth, this flower is only given to people most dear to us, to be more specific is only given when we want to be blunt and vulnerable about our feelings with the person we are gifting it to, henceforth it cannot be taken to a business meeting as it would be the inappropriate setting for this flower.

We implemented this concept in the designs of our visual identity by this we are not only creating a visually intriguing system of illustrations and themes but by doing so we also create an environment where our clients have the opportunity to get educated about this fascinating culture of flowers and symbols.