PB Creative Limited

40-42 Parker St, London WC2B 5PQ, UK

Design: PB Creative
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Unilever
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Personal Care
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic & Can

Award-winning brand design agency, PB Creative has continued its longstanding partnership with male grooming brand Lynx (Axe in the rest of the world) with bold designs for a new Lynx Africa collisions range.

Best known for its iconic black body spray but with a range that includes daily fragrances, body wash, hair care and styling products, Lynx has always been a core product in young guys’ bathrooms, helping them to smell great and look and feel their best. Lynx/Axe is the biggest male fragrance brand in the world and shares the same ‘house of fragrance’ expertise as some of the leading designer fragrances.

More than 8 million guys in the UK use Lynx everyday and almost half of all body wash products sold in the UK are Lynx. Launched in 1995, the Lynx Africa variant with its recognisable green and red colouring and spicy, woody aroma is the most popular body spray fragrance in the UK. Edgy marketing campaigns and quintessential Lynx Africa Christmas gift sets have enabled the variant to secure a place in the national psyche.

After landing a number of successful ‘collisions’ pairings in the past including ‘Leather & Cookies’ and ‘Skateboard & Fresh Roses’, the Lynx brand team at Unilever have now taken the concept to the next level. The Lynx brand encourages guys to ‘hold nothing back’ and that you have the best chance of getting closer when you show your unexpected side. This latest collision is absolutely unexpected! The new range encapsulates the crazy partnership of the iconic Lynx fragrance Africa together with the super polarising but much loved taste of Marmite. The collaboration is a celebration of two highly recognisable brands with strong local presence and British heritage.

Azaria Rizzo, Design Director at PB Creative commented: ‘We’ve developed an eccentric and bold range aesthetic that reflects the unexpected ‘collision’ of these two famous brands both owned by Unilever. It’s the ultimate brand ‘mash-up’ for all the lovers, not the haters – the collision of an iconic fragrance together with a brand with an iconic taste.’

Alessandro D’Amico, Assistant Brand Manager Unilever added: ‘PB Creative has delivered a fantastic range design for the craziest brand collision to date! This new range is all about generating fame for our brands with collisions that have maximum local relevance and inspire fun activation in market.’

The new range design will roll out across bodywash and body spray formats in the UK market and comes on the back of the Hot Since ’95 campaign launched in April celebrating 25 years of the cult Lynx Africa fragrance.