“Mateo & Bernabé and friends” crafts beer


Design: Moruba
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mateo & Bernabé and friends
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper, Cardboard

“Mateo & Bernabé and friends” is a Riojan craft beer inspired by patron saint celebrations. The key ingredients are the saint´s day, the color red for holidays, and an iconic image to represent each holiday.

San Mateo, September 21st, is represented by a “corquete”. The “Corquete” is the traditional tool used for grape harvesting. The San Mateo fiestas mark the start of the wine harvest, around September the 21st.

San Bernabé, June 11th, is represented by a fish. Fish caught in the Ebro River saved the people of Logroño during the famous siege in 1521. The French besiegers were finally vanquished on June the 11th, San Bernabé. On this day every year, the city honours this historical victory celebrating the Patron Saint’s Fiesta.

Santiago (St. James), July 25th, is represented by a scallop shell. Pilgrims trek thousands of miles to claim it when they reach Santiago de Compostela by July 25th, (St. James Day). Their steps trace the most important route in Europe; The Way of St. James.

San Fermín, July 7th, is represented by a bull. Bulls are the stars of this world famous party. Every morning six bulls runs across Pamplona streets during San Fermín.