Bambú Biodé

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Design: María del Pilar Martínez
Location: Peru
Project Type: Student Project
School: Toulouse Lautrec
Tutor: Milagros Bouroncle
Packaging Contents: Bamboo toothbrushes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Proterra
Printing Process: Digital printing

Bambú Biodé is an ecological brand dedicated to encourage and motivate the care of the environment by teaching people to protect and care for the planet from their homes through the practice of eco-friendly customs.

To develop this packaging it was necessary to analyze and recognize that selling the brushes separately meant greater use of material and a larger production of waste which is far from the ideal the brand tries to reach so a family pack was devised. A family pack that has an ecological printing material and that generate the least of waste as possible.

The challenge of creating this packaging was to design a shape that emulates bamboo but does not represent a fully cylindrical or square shape so we experimented with angles and shapes that convey the essence of bamboo in a unique and subtle way. An internal system was also developed so that the packaging has a useful life after the purchase working as a support and toothbrush organizer, using icons on stickers that assign a brush to its owner.

Stickers were proposed and not a definitive print for the pack to fit all types of family and so the person who buys it can select the appropriate stickers for the members of their home.