Design: hurtikonn
Location: France
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Sorbet
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and wood
Printing Process: Digital printing

Ice Queen is an elegant brand of French sorbet made entirely from organic products in cooperation with local and national farmers. These high quality, gourmet and fruity tasting sorbets are iced according to the rules of the art. The name Ice Queen is a play on words between Ice cream which means “ice” and Queen translated as “queen”. As the sorbet itself is good, beautiful and iconic, I associated this brand with a queen for its charisma, beauty, image and strength. The charisma of the brand, the beauty and quality of the products, the chic image of the brand and the strength to dominate on the market.

Ice Queen has an extremely simple logo to bring out the sobriety, nobility and naturalness of the products, but very impactful at the level of the symbol in reference to the taste of the sorbets. The pictogram is the addition between several things. The first one is the sorbet with a simplified but iconic shape. The second one is the letter Q of Queen and the last one is the crown related to the name “Ice Queen” which means “Queen of the ice”. The crown makes the sorbet shine and shows the elegance and grace of a royal figure. This pictogram exposes the uniqueness of the product and the charisma of the brand and therefore allows the brand to use it alone or with the typography, which is not at all inconvenient as it blends perfectly with the latter. Graphically effective, this crowned sorbet is versatile on any type of colored or black background. I chose a soft pastel shade to admire.

The pastel being in the air of time and showing a certain softness of the sorbets softens the strength of the logo. It allows to balance the whole and to have a wide range of colors. Moreover, we can establish a link between the pastel range and the sorbet colors, as they are natural, so the colors are less aggressive than when we add dyes. The brand’s slogan is “Deliciously iced”. It suggests the delicacy of the product and the sweetness of a queen (reference to the name) and the iced of the sorbet. I have chosen a slogan course for who remembers better is evokes once again the sobriety of Ice Queen. In addition, I incorporated a high vocabulary to show the elegance and high quality of the brand. This forms a balanced, natural and elegant visual identity.

Packaging is usually the first interaction between the customer and the brand. If the latter is qualitative, beautiful, attractive and above all stands out from the others by its shape, color, texture and much more will draw attention to it. Ice Queen needed a real identity that brings out its character traits: chic, natural and gourmet. I based myself on these keywords to create these packagings below. They stand out for the completely new and original shape of this range of 10 fragrances. The shape is not insignificant, since it echoes the lines of the logo for a better appropriation and recognition of the brand. The shape is reminiscent of a softness with its rounded edges, and a practicality with the stick out of the way to better hold your sorbet.

The packaging is designed to be opened from the side thanks to a small notch that allows an easy and very elegant opening (like a case, so it is here that we find the royal and distinguished aspect). The graphic design on the packaging is also very revealing of the three keywords of Ice Queen. The chic aspect comes through the sobriety and simplicity of the whole packaging. In addition, the logo in the background is inlaid on the illustration stick to evoke the Ice Queen pictogram. The naturalness, thanks to the fruit represented on an ice cream stick, is intended to show what the sorbet contains, that means fruit from organic farming. And the greediness is expressed by the universe and the tone on tone of the colors in relation to the ingredients presented. The whole forms a sober, new packaging, and above all in correlation with the image that Ice Queen wishes to reflect.

The visual identity is everything that revolves around the brand to bring it to life. It can be an advertising car, objects with its effigy or even an advertisement. So I took up the idea of the wooden stick which immediately refers to a sorbet or an ice cream. I removed the fruits that were inlayed in order to make a generalization so that future customers can recognize the product in question. I have also kept this roundness with a pastel pink shape on a black background that fits on all supports and will allow to visualize the brand behind this graphic composition.

The slogan “Deliciously iced” is mostly written under the stick to keep a balance and an understanding of the visual. The whole thing is quite sober and not too much provided in order to show the elegance and the prestige of Ice Queen. For the vehicles, I respected this with a horizontal stick and for the vending machine and beach flags, it’s vertical. In each case, the driving line and the brand identity are shown. Its values are also conveyed through its compositions. The logo is often at the top so as not to alter the graphics. As a small aside for the distributor, I decided to put a raised crown to be able to distinguish him among a crowd and also to remind Ice Queen.

Advertising is an essential element if one wants to make oneself known in the eyes of all. This is why I used different media: the advertising spot and the advertising poster. For the advertising poster, I simply took the illustration of the packaging and added “Mmmm!” in the background to show the greedy aspect while keeping the values of chic and naturalness. It’s an asset, because you can easily recognize the brand. If you see one of the posters on a street corner and you haven’t had time to take a closer look at it, you can easily find the packagings on the shelves because they are similar.

What’s Unique?
What makes Ice Queen unique is the archetypal packaging. It’s new, interesting and above all very modern. The graphic line of this brand is mostly access on sobriety but keeping enough elements for the consumer to understand the brand. Its colours, illustrations and packaging make Ice Queen a modern and elegant brand.