Made for teenagers and young adults, Lilips is a fresh and energetic lipstick brand. The movement created in the typography of the logo is inspired by lipstick and the effect it has when written with it. The curves made of full and loose lines make the name soft, supple and graceful, just like Lilips products. A mouth is subtly added in the negative space created by the capital “L” and the “il”, reinforcing the understanding of the logotype. The colour, halfway between the traditional red and fuchsia pink, rejuvenates the world of cosmetics and finishes the brand identity with softness, punch and a touch of originality. The slogan “difference matters” punctuates the whole and sets the tone and direction in which Lilips is committed.

The lip-shaped packaging is derived from the mouth in the negative space of the Lilips logo. This hand-held packaging does not go unnoticed and stands out from all its competitors. A thick foam is hollowed out in the middle to accommodate the lipstick. The lipstick is curved to symbolize a smile but also for a better grip. In addition to ergonomics, this lipstick is designed with a brush for a quality and precise application on the lips. The label connected by a metal ring, evoking a piercing, covers this foam on the front side. It allows the label to be turned from the side like a binder. The label itself plays with the idea of tone on tone: “Rapsberry”, “Peaches” or “Plums” are revealed in a subtle way with an embossing. A touch of white provided by the logo and the slogan illuminates the packaging as well as a trace of lipstick giving rhythm to the whole.  Lilips wants everyone to affirm and show their difference with this lipstick.

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