Derrick Lin


Designer: 黃士銘 Huang Shih-Ming
Designer: 王昱超 Wang Yu-Chao
Designer: 夏詩涵 Xia Shih-Han
Designer: 林玟妤 Lin Wen-Yu
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Knives
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, paper, foam
Printing Process: UV printing

In the past, Kinmen was a battlefield. There were millions of shells leftover in the 823 Artillery Bombardment. People collect them and manufacture knives as well as metal necessaries. We build a brand Artillerools by designing the product packaging with the shape of an artillery shell and the appearance of Wind Lion God and western-style building. Artillerools transforms the battlefield into a place of peace then become an important cultural industry in Kinmen.

What’s Unique?
We get rid of the cannonball’s sense of heaviness in the vision of the package structure. Use the form of refined and light to make the color of visual design. Combine Kinmen’s grain of the traditional western-style building and the history of Wind Lion God. We transform the history of the war and cannonball which is the legacy memories and combine the culture and guard. Give creativity blessings and inheritance. Transfer the symbol of will.