Design: Valeria Obrazkova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art and Design School
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Packaging Contents: Sugar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

PÂTISSIÈRE is a brand of sugar for professionals, confectioners at home. From French, PÂTISSIÈRE translates as pastry chef, baker, because France is known for its culinary delights, especially in terms of confectionery art.

The target audience is entrepreneurs, home-based confectioners who value high quality ingredients. The brand includes 3 lines: sugar for decoration, sugar for baking and sugar for preservation. Among themselves, the lines differ in the degree of grinding: sugar for decoration is the smallest, sugar for baking is average, and sugar for preservation is the largest. It is the degree of grinding that the images on the package show. The larger the grind,the larger the raster.

After studying the average number of confectionery products produced per month and the amount of sugar required for this, I calculated what amounts of sugar would be most convenient. Thus, sugar for decoration — 1.5 kg; sugar for baking — 3kg; sugar for preservation — 5kg.