Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Onions, anchovies, sambal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Zipper Locking Bags

EME,Sambal Bawang dan bilis packaging design.

bawang = Onion
bilis = anchovy

Sambal bawang dan bilis is a Premium sambal brand. We were responsible for their logo design and packaging. The challenge is to redesign their packaging design to a more fresh, modern and fun look, so We create a new look for the packaging design that came up with the new story. They’re also a sentimental value in the design where is a seal stamp that written “Dari air tangan pramugari” which mean it is “handcrafted by a stewardess”

Below is the founder story :
“I always faced difficulties to find savory delicious Halal food when I’m on duty overseas.
The moment of breakthrough finally came to me when I make my own homemade Sambal Bawang Bilis as my delectable side dish.
You know what is better than a sambal ikan bilis?

It’s a sambal bawang bilis”. – Melia, flight stewardess.

Happiness is homemade

Easy to consume wherever you are on the go.

Delicious, Scrumptious, Tasty and Flavorful