1070 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA

Manufacturer: Zenpack
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lora DiCarlo
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Sexual Wellness Devices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft paper, rigid box, marine recycled fabric
Printing Process: Lithographic printing, Screen printing

Reimagining packaging for a company that’s redefining an industry.

After making waves at CES 2019, the sexual wellness brand teamed-up with Zenpack to unveil their extended line of products at CES 2020.

Despite the success, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) later revoked the award, claiming that sexual health products weren’t included in the competition. After massive online support for gender equity in tech, the award was reinstated and CES has allowed sexual tech on the showroom floor for the first time in its history. Elegant, minimalist and inspired by human movement, the Osé had already generated international buzz, but the company’s extended line needed comprehensive packaging that showcased the product design and core brand values.

Just in time for their return to CES, the updated suite of packaging features eco-friendly materials, form-fitting inserts, and bold brand colors, putting the products front and center for an improved unboxing experience. While the brand achieved their immediate goals at CES 2020, Zenpack also delivered a dynamic packaging system designed for Lora DiCarlo’s long-term mission: sexual wellness for everyone.

Zenpack used washable kraft paper for the lithographic printed exterior and created a carrying pouch made from marine recycled fabric. The branded pull tab is easy to open and cuts down on extra materials like tape.

After removing the cover, customers feel a slight resistance from embedded magnets as they pull the tab. The box unfolds like a precisely bound book: on one side the product manual, carrying pouch, and accessories and on the opposite side, the product snug in a molded tray. Zenpack designed a deeper, form-fitting soft-touch polystyrene insert along with a separate accessory and product manual insert. The rigid box interior provides structure and a soft yellow backdrop.

During the Osé package redesign, Zenpack conducted a proportion study on the new products—Baci and Onda—to ensure brand consistency across the family of packages. The scalable packaging system is made possible by dedicated production lines designed to increase quantities and adapt to new product releases.

What’s Unique?
Printing processes and materials take center stage in these packages. To maintain color consistency across materials, Zenpack performed multiple print tests given yellow’s color sensitivity. Yellow tends to shift slightly when exposed to light, especially as the ink dries. Color-matching experts made several micro-adjustments to ensure an accurate yellow for each box and carrying pouch. Zenpack used recycled marine plastic fabric in the pouches, an innovative polyester made using only plastic bottles that have been collected from vulnerable waterways.