Cremico – Flavour Tripper

Fibra Branding


Agency: Fibra Branding
Creative & Art Direction: Andrea Galvez
Graphic Designer: Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
Illustration: Ricardo Bustamante
Photography Art direction: Andrea Galvez
Photography Art direction: Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
Photography: Daniela Barrio de Mendoza
Location: Peru
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cremico
Product Launch Location: Peru
Packaging Contents: Soups
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, paper, Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Ricardo Goachet is a chef that wanted to communicate by food something deeper than unforgettable flavors. He wanted to create an experience through his dishes that teleport people to different places with a single taste. That’s how Cremico was born, a brand of soup that will make you travel the world.

The main obstacle in design was to communicate the concept of traveling around the world with a single approach that covers every country. The solution was to tie the brand design to the idea of something exotic and natural, so we could find a balance. In this manner, the concept “Flavor tripper” was born.The exotic approach addresses an unknown and mysterious place, while the idea of nature is because of the natural ingredients that the chef uses to prepare the soup. That’s why the brand has a safari atmosphere, which is strongly inspired in Wes Anderson films. All of this with the purpose of showing the idea of travel with the symmetric, clean and sophisticated aesthetic of the director.

The name of the brand is strongly linked to our character, the monkey. It represents the trip, the adventure and that exotic feeling. “Cremi” comes from “Crema” (soup in spanish) , and “mico” is because of the monkey (“mico” is also monkey in spanish). That’s why the brand is called Cremico. Based on this, we always shows this character sailing around the world and exploring new flavors. In addition, the color palette is worm like soup. As well as this dish is usually related to comfort and nostalgia, we were looking for a sensation of nostalgia that people feel after traveling to an unforgettable destination. That’s why the brand design, photography and art direction make allusion of the past. The idea was to create a feeling of nostalgia for a place that we probably don’t know yet. We wanted to make people feel that the products have traveled from a place far, far away to their front doors.