Agency: Pearlfisher
Founding Partner Group & Creative Director: Jonathan Ford
Founding Partner & Group Chairman: Mike Branson
Partner, Design & Experience: David Jenkinson
Design Director: Sam Lachlan
Copywriter: Jamie Thorp
Designer: Angus
Head of Realisation: Jen Newell
Client Director: Nadine Orton
Client Manager: Gabrielle Gill
Client Manager: Claire Dow
Creative Designer: Angelina Pischikova

Grab It: Pearlfisher’s new design ensures healthy convenience and great flavour is never out of reach

Pearlfisher has redesigned Tyson Foods’ chicken on a stick range, Grab It, to attract a wider audience and bring a modern, convenient and tasty approach to healthy snacking on the go.

Tyson Foods, Inc is one of the world’s largest food companies and a recognised leader in protein. The Grab It chicken on a stick range already boasts a range of evolving inventive and inspired flavours – such as Vindaloo and Habanero Mango. Preparing for re-launch with new recipes, punchier flavours and extended product shelf- life, Tyson approached Pearlfisher to modernise and elevate its hand-held healthy snacking brand.

“With healthy and free-from alternatives driving the industry, Grab It’s high-protein and convenient offer is ideal for today’s foodie but health conscious consumers. In a very competitive market, our question to ourselves was how could we create an interesting space in the industry and bring a little something different to snack time?

This led to a core positioning and single-minded creative idea that great health, convenience and, especially, flavour shouldn’t be out of reach. People need to ‘just grab it and go’. This informed the changing of the brand name, dropping the ‘s’ to change it from ‘Grabits’ to ‘Grab It’, a snappy and emphatic call to action that reflects the nature of the brand and inspires people to take a more positive approach to their food choices with the option to grab a healthy snack in one bite,” said Kristoffer Fink Parup, Head of Strategy.

Discussing how this translates into the new design, Design Director, Sam Lachlan, explained, “First and foremost we wanted to visualise our key message and make it both active and endlessly versatile. The logo is now hands-on, with a hand proudly grabbing a sign that can display a range of brand mantras while giving a big thumbs up. The typography is inspired by the more informal and inviting signage of a bustling street food scene, communicating the product benefit and messaging in a fun and fluid way to illustrate the endless benefits and grab the attention: “If you need some spice in your life right now, Grab It.”

Bruno Villena, Associate Marketing Director, Tyson Foods Europe, responded, “Pearlfisher has created a purposeful new positioning for us that is also immensely foodie and full of pleasure. The brand is now affirming and leaves nobody in any doubt about the nature, quality and convenience of our offer as we continue to create and deliver fun-filled and healthy snacking moments on the go.”