Zugzwang chess set



Design: Zita Roza Nagy
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: Northumbria University
Tutor: Vic Newton, Thomas Ellis
Packaging Contents: Chess board, chess pieces, cards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, wood
Printing Process: Digital printing

A chess set packaging aimed at the female beginner.

Girls do not find chess appealing to start or continue as the number of examples are low and they are “told” by society that chess isn’t for women. A very common misconception is that only smart people can play chess, but chess can make people smart. It improves meta-cognitive skills, intelligent and strategic thinking. Wheter someone is good at it depends on the time they spend on it.

The insight is that chess improves decision making. The target audience is 16-18 year old girls, because this is the age group which has to make life-changing decisions quickly which they are happy about for a long time, like going to university or choosing a profession.

As decision making also means opening up for new possibilities the logo is a visual representation of the first, the opening move in chess. This is combined with the Z shape for Zugzwang.

A window within the packaging shows some part of the board, engaging the customer with it. Reflecting on femininity the board is circle shaped. Easy recognisability and good shelf presence is very important as the audience prefers to buy things in the physical store. Ensuring they get value for their money the back of the box introduce the brand and the product for the customer. As sustainability is important for the audience, the packaging is made out of cardboard and the board is of wood.

What’s Unique?
A minimalistic but tailorable design engages the consumer with the brand. This inspired the two sleeves on the side of the box, which hide cards. This way the packaging helps with making a decision but does not make it entirely for the players. Something people usually forget about when playing chess is where to put the pieces if they’re out of the game. Why not simply put it in the box? The window also helps this.