Design: Bulldog Studio
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Josep Masachs
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Cava

Josep Masachs is a winery specialized in the production of Penedès cava. With more than 100 years of history and the trajectory that this entails, we had the responsibility of restyling and rejuvenating its brand.

Without leaving aside the past, history, tradition and family legacy, we had a complex briefing on our table.

During the project we realized that the Masachs surname is the union of two very old heraldic surnames (and known in the area), the surname “mà” (hand in Catalan) and “sachs” (sacks in Catalan). We discovered that in the past these two families were united to be able to perform blessings in better conditions (something that used to happen in Catalan feudal families).

That was the backbone for our new identity, a heraldic shield that includes the two family parts. All this combined with a typeface made to measure (from a predetermined alphabet). This leads us to a current brand, which does not lose an iota of history, explains the familiarity of the project, lasts over time and, for us, the most important thing, easy to apply, explain and understand.

We think that this project has fulfilled your expectations, proof of this is the easy adaptability that all its materials are having, not only merchandising, but also the packaging lines for wines and cava.

The different delivery materials have been made for a new corporate identity, such as an extensive style book, which allows our client to follow some master lines of application of the brand, as well as for their “brand guardian” to always achieve excellence in all online publications.

Adaptations have been made for plant personnel, trucks and delivery vans, primary and secondary product packaging, as well as new web pages and order tracking app.

This project was launched just at the beginning of the pandemic, for which it suffered in its initial departure, and we had to delay its publication given the honor of the centenary of the company, but today, after its launch, the brand continues at the forefront of the sector, being a benchmark, strong and its products come to life on the shelf.