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Derrick Lin


Design: Dan Bitencourt – DBS
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can

This project was created for studying and learning the software and the possibilities that Dan Bitencourt could get using Dimension.

The logo is an eye looking to the future, beyond, looking for jobs and the best results in the market for my clients. In Brazil, we say “blood eyes” that means “Eye of Tiger” or someone that never gives up until getting what he wants… and that’s the reason of pupil is red.

The results that Dan wanted were something different… different position, layout, attitude, unusual… so Dan moved the can in Dimension until Dan get something looking like action. Dan Bitencourt tried to use drops into the can shape (as you can see in my files) but Dan preferred to use the main layout the label clean and no drops… to show better my logo and Instagram ID. The splash Dan Bitencourt started playing around… moving… changing the color of it several time after pre-render until he get this final version. To make it more dramatic Dan just duplicated the splash material to make it intense.