Cattle Castle Dairy

Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Agency: Widarto Impact
Creative & Art Director: Eko Widarto
Illustrator: Sendi Siswadi
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Fresh Milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton Milk
Printing Process: Flexography

Cattle Castle is one of the brand names we designed for the house brand for dairy products.

The name Cattle Castle itself is made for products directly from farms, or to represent, the audience perceives that Cattle Castle products are not too much of a manufacturing process, fresh from farm. The brand name Cattle Castle implements the “Cattle – Castle” repeat system. This makes it easier for your audience to pronounce, and remember the brand name. Simple, and effective. This brand name had a big impact as a house brand, such as Nestle, etc.

For the logo, Cattle Castle is designed with handwritten typeface to represent classic, modern, and premium brands. Handwritten typeface also represents something natural, and “raw / fresh from the farm”. The letterform of Cattle Castle is written in thick handwriting, giving each stroke its own uniqueness.

For packaging design, because we want the audience to feel “fresh from farm”, we designed an illustration of a dairy cow on a green farm to strengthen the impression of a fresh product from the farm. Combined with the logo, the packaging design looks more classic, but still modern. Overall the packaging design displays its own sensation so that it has a competitive differentiating value when juxtaposed on the shelf with other milk competitor packaging designs. It’s eye-catching, bold, and impresses the audience about a new milk brand on the market. To maintain the unity of the brand image, this packaging design is also applied to several derivatives, especially fresh milk, and several sizes under it.

What’s Unique?
The Cattle Castle brand name has competitive value, is easy to pronounce, repetition, and is powerful as the brand name for the house brand fresh milk. The combination of black and the illustration of a cattle farm shows a differentiating value when on the shelf, where milk packaging is predominantly white and pastel colors.