Bryanskiy Molochniy Kombinat

Depot branding agency

Agency: Depot
Design director: Nikita Ivanov
Project leader: Anna Rozhnova
Motion video: Sergey Prekrasnov
Creative director: Aleaxey Fadeev
Copywriter: Anastasia Tretyakova
Communications manager: Daria Vedernikova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bryanskiy Molochniy Kombinat
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dairy Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetra pak packaging

True dairy producers just do their work. Preciously, accurately, according to strict rules and standards of food safety. They produce a lot of well-known dairy products in a wide variety, day after day. They know nothing about marketing and branding. They are simple and honest people of labor. They can not hide themselves behind beautiful pictures of countryside and farms, artisan look or imaginary characters promoted by TV ads.

In Russian dairy market local milk processing plants had always been trusted and appreciated since USSR, for their stable quality and good prices for milk and dairy products, for following GOST (National Industrial Standards), for being main supplier of safe, fresh and good dairy. But modern marketing almost killed local «dairy plant» idea.

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Bryansk is historically «dairy region». And we decided to make «dairy plants» great again. Our main idea is very simple: we don’t produce marketing products, we just produce good and safe dairy. We created a brand for those, who is smart enough to choose without extra emotions, who is fed up with dairy category cliches, who is in search of best quality-price ratio and still has belief in industrial dairy, who looks for a good product, not just bright packaging.

One more important message is — we don’t add anything bad to our products, so we don’t add unnecessary in design too. We use minimum tools but still look unique. We show full spectrum of dairy products, united under solid branding and still have good product navigation, which is also very impactful on the shelf in a supermarket.

The first point of sales were high in the sky. BMK brand first showed their products at Prodexpo exhibition in Moscow but sales started a bit later. The first client was Aeroflot airlines company. Customers tried dairy products by BMK straight during the flights.

What’s Unique?
Design underlines the message «we don’t add anything bad to our products, so we don’t add unnecessary in design too». This packaging of production for who is fed up with package’s cliches in dairy category.