Design: Littlebuddhagroup
Location: Spain
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Liquid, gel
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, plastic

Laboratorios Montplet (Montplet Group), a leading Spanish company in the distribution of ethyl alcohol and the manufacture of disinfectants, pesticides and cosmetic products, launches a new and complete range of products for the elimination of lice and protection against insects for human use. New and highly effective formulas which not only protect us, but are also non-aggressive for our skin.

A project that was born with the aim of establishing itself as an added value and differential brand within the prevention and health care sector, sustained by its vast expertise as a specialized Laboratory focused on B2B business.

The challenge was to devise a brand with a powerful naming and a unique graphic code, in addition to a packaging proposal which communicates the commitment to environmentally friendly ingredients, materials and manufacturing processes without ever neglecting its effectiveness. In other words, to care in the most sustainable way.

The result was an inspirational brand that invites you to discover its efficacy and naturalness combined together for the best protection of the scalp and skin.

On the one hand:
NEWELL: An evocative naming that balances novelty with well-being and know-how, highlighting the dual commitment to taking care of both ourselves and the environment.

Its Brand: A sober typographic solution, but with its very own entity. A main brand block in a tall box in bluish-green color with rounded edges denoting closeness and confidence and adding a subtle graphic wink appealing to naturalness in a central point of the composition.

On the other hand:
Packaging: A natural, orderly and colourful solution, achieving good visual impact on the pharmacy shelf in combination with two different background patterns, depending on the range (anti-lice or mosquito repellent). A centered message structure, easy to decode and which gives a didactical insight of its main benefits. Use of recycled kraft materials as a base to convey circular economy and evoke the naturalness and non-aggressiveness of the products.