Paris Baguette Mooncake Packaging



Design: Parabrand Group
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: Paris Baguette
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Mooncake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Gray Board
Printing Process: Flexible printing

As a baking brand with a long history, Paris Baguette has more than 3,700 stores worldwide since its establishment in 1988. Full of vitality and innovative spirit, from product development to brand culture, Paris Baguette always retains the original intention of delivering happiness. As a brand determined to convey love and happiness, “THE BEST WAY TO HAPPINESS” has always been the consistent concept of the Paris Baguette brand. Paris Baguette’s products include four categories of bread, cakes, coffee drinks, and light food. Combining the taste of the selection that consumers love nowadays, it modulates the exclusive taste of Paris Baguette.

According to the brand positioning of Paris Baguette, we decided to customize a new Mid-Autumn Festival and New Chinese style for it, which is not only traditional, but also a festival for young people. With the theme of “appreciating the moon” this time, we sorted out the scenes of “appreciating the moon from the roof, admiring the moon in front of the window, and opening the door to admire the moon” to create five packaging gift box designs. The sense of artistic conception is full of beauty, which not only conforms to the aesthetic happiness positioning of Paris Baguette, but also presents the feeling of enjoying the moon, reunion, and happiness during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also the result of the collision between tradition and modernity. Through this project design, we deeply understand that the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box not only represents tradition, but also a breakthrough in the new era and new fashion.