Forbidden City Chrysanthemum Ice Dew Skin Care Packaging



Inspired by Heritage, Designed for Modernity

The Forbidden City Chrysanthemum Ice Dew Skin Care packaging draws upon the rich cultural heritage of China, seamlessly blending it with contemporary design. This creates a product that is both sophisticated and culturally significant.

Chinese porcelain, renowned for its elegance and enduring beauty, serves as the foundation of the Ice Dew Ware design. This choice perfectly reflects the product’s essence: delicate, gentle, and ideal for feminine care. The bottle itself features traditional pastel porcelain techniques, where vibrant hues and exquisite patterns intertwine. This creates a captivating visual that is both culturally profound and refreshingly modern, transcending a purely simplistic aesthetic.

The outer packaging showcases a clever window design reminiscent of popular Chinese porcelain styles from the mid-Qing Dynasty. Each window offers a glimpse into a pastel illustration, its unique colors and lines capturing the essence of traditional Chinese culture. These illustrations not only enhance the packaging’s visual appeal but also imbue it with a sense of heritage, transforming the product into a storyteller.

The ingenious window design cleverly integrates with the product’s text information, forming a unique fan-shaped pattern. This evokes the image of precious facial care products used by ancient Chinese royalty, subtly conveying the brand’s respect for and continuation of traditional Chinese culture. Consumers, when holding this product, are not only indulging in high-quality skincare but also embracing a deeply cultural experience.

This design approach elevates the product’s artistic value and market appeal. More importantly, it allows consumers to connect with the depth and charm of Chinese traditional culture during their skincare routine.