You Ming Tang Tea Gift Box



Youmingtang tea gift box packaging design is the perfect combination of Chinese culture and modern fashion. The packaging design of this gift box is based on the symmetrical Chinese design concept, presenting an elegant and steady visual experience.

The packaging is painted using traditional Chinese pattern elements. This painting style gives the product packaging a classical beauty, while also conveying the pursuit of purity and nature of tea.
The contrasting color design adds color layering and visual impact to the entire packaging. Make the entire package more visually appealing by using bright color contrasts such as orange and green. This color matching design not only shows the youth and vitality of the product, but also conveys the characteristics and brand image of the product itself to consumers.
In terms of technology, embossing and hot stamping techniques are used on the packaging. Exquisite craftsmanship makes the packaging more high-end. Through embossing technology, the pattern can be concave and convex, adding texture and three-dimensionality to the packaging. At the same time, the hot stamping process can add a metallic texture to logos and text, improving the overall quality.

The exquisite label design highlights the unique charm of the product. Exquisite patterns and detailed product information are added to the labels. Through a simple and multi-level layout, the characteristics and quality of the product are intuitively displayed to consumers. The design style of the label echoes the overall packaging, forming a sense of visual unity.


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