7 Wonders : Tongue on Tour


Designer: Shubhangi
Tagline: Harshita Gupta
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Not everyone can go on tour, but our tongue sure can.

7 Wonders is a Chocolate brand from India. As the name itself suggests, packaging design is inspired from 7 Wonders of New World. The illustration style of every wonder is simple and easily recognizable. The name of every wonder is mentioned with it and where they belong. Each chocolate has a different flavor which is special to the city of every wonder giving people a variety to choose from. While exploring different tastes, people will get to know about 7 Wonders of New World. Discovering a single flavor only, people will be intrigued to search more flavors and know more about other Wonders also.

Inspired from 7 Wonders, the concept of 7 is used in packaging design. The logo is a composition of 7 heptagons which represents the 7 corners of a shape just like 7 Wonders belong to 7 different regions of the world. The background color is rainbow which includes 7 colors. The front design of the packaging includes 7 items which are : Logo, Brand name, Tagline, Flavor, Illustration sketch, Wonder name and Net quantity.

The name and tagline are chosen to make people wonder what it is about. As the chocolate will be noticed on the shelf due to its vibrant color, the curiosity will get the better of people.