Gaste Stick Cookie


Agency: Box Brand Design
Design Director: Joey Lo
Art Director: Yvonne Chung / Jill Chan
Designer: Jill Chan
Location: Hong Kong
Project Type: Produced
Client: Yickohi
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Snacks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Gaste is a newly launched stick biscuits brand by Yick Chi. Yick Chi Confectionary Company Limited was set up in Hong Kong in 1990, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Dong Guan Yick Chi was established in 2010 with the investment of 300 million yuan. Yick Chi Company is committed to the development of children’s snacks with the goal of providing fashionable, delicious and professional healthy food for children. The company has self-owned brands as well as obtaining IP authorization for famous international cartoon characters such as Peppa Pig, Paw Petrol, PJ Masks, Brown Bear and other Internationally popular cartoon characters.

Even Yick Chi Company mainly sells children’s snacks, Gaste is not only a children’s biscuits brand. Dare to explore new flavor, is the core concept of Gaste. This collection contains 4 flavors, hot and spicy crayfish, corn soup, Sichuan pepper beef, and tomato flavor, which were specially launched for the fast-growing young consumers’ market, and were rarely found on stick biscuits before. We took the thoughts into both brand naming and packaging design, aiming to highlight the fantastic taste through packaging design.

The intuitive and attractive ingredients were chosen as the key visual elements to grab consumers’ attention instantly. The collision of the pictures brought out a strong sense of appetite, highlighting the distinctive personality of the brand. The real colors of ingredients were enthusiastic and straightforward to stand out on the shelves. In addition, the strong visual impact brand logotype was placed in the center, strongly imprinting the brand name into consumers’ mind.

The bold and extremely eye-catching combination entirely tempted consumers’ taste buds, impressed consumers, allowing consumers to easily recognize the products with a vivid imagination of tastes.

Considering from the consumers’ experience, to make the biscuits more convenient to be taken out, we had also conducted an upgrade of the packaging structure, which changed the existing packaging structure to bring a whole new experience to consumers.