Agency: Studio Unbound
Creative Lead: James Fishlock
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Black rice vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Miss Fortune is a small batch black rice vodka produced in the East end of Glasgow. Miss Fortune is reclaiming the stigma of vodka with masterfully crafted produce, giving vodka back to the people as a drink to be savoured and valued. A vodka born from Asian heritage but distilled with the precision of traditional Scottish whisky making. Distilled in small batches for optimum quality and control. The makers of Miss Fortune pride themselves on making high end quality vodka whilst staying true to their message of being a vodka for everybody.

A coin flip is one of the most universal games of chance recognised throughout time, all over the world, a simple action that can grant you fortune or miss fortune in a single moment. The makers of Miss Fortune believe this very moment is true of distilling, although a process of incredible craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, sometimes it takes just a little bit of luck to land the perfect combination of blends. When deciding upon the future of their next venture, they decided to let fate play its hand – reinvent modern day Vodka making or stick to their Scottish traditions? – Lucky for them, Miss Fortune was born.

As part of their reinvention of Vodka they chose Black Rice as their new base ingredient. For many centuries Black rice was known as the “Forbidden” or “Emperor’s” rice, reserved for the Emperors of ancient China as well as those with incredible societal importance – The common person was considered simply not worthy of such a delicacy, making the rice as precious as gold. Miss Fortune is rewriting the narrative of black rice, pitching itself as a Premium Vodka accessible to the masses.

The refined black bottle celebrates the ‘lucky coin’ – using the curved shoulder of the bottle, the rounded edge allows the coin to be the central focus, pressed harmoniously within the bottle’s glass surface with the strapline ‘Fortune favours the brave’ debossed into the base of the bottle. The burnt wood cork links to the process and materials behind the preparation of Black rice after harvest. The illustration style is a contemporary take on stippling – This gave us a unique aesthetic to style our coin.

Studio Unbound have created a truly unexpected piece of packaging that will capture the imagination of a new generation of vodka drinkers and shake up the category.