Noah 12 Premium Arak

Derrick Lin


Agency: Michal Suday Design Group
Designer: Nadav Shtreimer
Location: Israel
Project Type: Produced
Client: Noah 12
Product Launch Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Arak alcoholic drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital print, foil hot stamping

Noah is a premium arak drink, the man behind the new brand is the Israeli actor and singer Zion Baruch, in our branding process we wanted to produce a label of alcoholic beverage that will stand out from the competition in the Israeli market. Most Israeli arak brands are characterised by an authentic Mediterranean look, in the new brand we wanted to create a luxurious but contemporary and cool feeling that will also raise questions and create curiosity.

The name “Noah 12” came from the name of Zion son – Noah, the number 12 was added following the 12 filtering processes that the drink goes through.

In the design process we decided to tell the biblical story of Noah and the ark, in the original story Noah builds an ark and gathers the animals into it to avoid the flood, In our label we decided to tell the story of the futuristic Noah – the man who has to escape from Earth to space. The look of the label is done in the technique of collage in black and white, we added a delicate texture of halftone effect on the image. We have created “irrational” connections between animals, an astronaut, a whale and a planet’s space, these irrational connections of images from different worlds also express the feeling of hovering from other worlds as soon as we drink alcohol.

The label itself is printed on quality wine paper with a delicate texture, the main stain that appears in center is with a glossy selective lacquer, the color varies from product to product (between regular arak and arak with the addition of lemons).

The brand logo is embossed with a gold ring that produces a high-quality and luxurious look – and conveys a “premium” feeling. We also added “shimmering” elements of stars that are also embossed in a gold ring.

Each product has a capsule (cork) in a different color to differentiate between the products.