Dbayeh, Lebanon

Design: Digiwits
Location: Lebanon
Project Type: Produced
Client: Wild & Raw
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottles, menu paper
Printing Process: Normal printing for labels, stickers labels print

Wild & Raw Juice Bar was born to mainly elevate people’s wellness experience by extending 100% fresh, organic and natural juice. Our client’s ultimate purpose served as the basis for our Branding.

When it comes to juicing, Virginia needs no intros. We had to pull off the perfect alignment between health awareness and the product’s nature, what the locals love, and of course the brand’s overall appeal. The balance is evident in our Menu Design; a healthy outside starts from the inside.

Throughout the branding process, a lot of aspects come into play. One should know that a brand identity is made up of the consumer, the business owner, and the designer. Those 3 players operate in unison to ultimately form what we call a timeless brand.

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