Victor Biasi

Uberlândia, MG, Brasil

Bleeve Syrups is a manufacturer of concentrated fruit syrups, a traditional product in bars and restaurants around the world and which has been gaining prominence in Brazil in recent years. The brand’s objective was very clear: to offer a quality product at a cost adequate to national standards, in other words, cost-effective.

We work with a vintage look and a slightly more artisanal feel. The typography, despite being a sans serif, brings connotations of a more retro style, especially in the initial letter “B”, which gives the logo a personality tone.

We created a very well-defined visual line, with layers of information designed for the customer’s experience when purchasing. The upper range serves as an element of differentiation and emotional appeal, where we work with manual paintings of fruit and leaves, alluding to the flavor of each product.

In the central strip, which pays greater attention to the eyes, the brand was centralized and on a black background, giving the appearance of a kind of stripe that surrounds the product and makes a visual connection with the neck and lid of the bottle, also worked in black.

Finally, at the bottom of the label, we use colors as an identification element, making it easier to choose the desired flavor. We use colors similar to the liquid itself, to have a clean and harmonious look. The information of each product was printed in golden metallic ink, helping in the search for a refined and standardized look.

The idea was to convey a little more of the feeling of quality and care that is taken when working with selected ingredients and bringing an air of refinement to the products.

The end result was a line of syrups that fits into an already-known category, but with its own personality, betting on a differentiation based on the cleanest and most beautiful design, from the shape of the bottle to every detail of the visual creation.