Cachaca Sepultura Extra Premium

Victor Biasi

Uberlândia, MG, Brasil

Created in partnership with a traditional Brazilian distillery for the famous international metal band, with almost 40 years of history and approximately 50 million records sold, Cachaça Sepultura Extra Premium was aged for 8 years in first-use French oak barrels, toasted manually by artisans at their origin.

Medium and strong toast barrels were used, which give the distillate strong aromas of vanilla, caramel, honey, dried dark fruits, burnt coconut and smoked spices.

Our challenge was to be able to convey all this quality and exclusivity that the product brought, with a more refined and at the same time more “metal” look.

To achieve this, we work with adhesive labels made of textured paper, with dark shades of black and lead, finished with silver hot stamping. The main highlight was the band’s logo, the stylized letter S represented in a real metal medal, made in a more rustic way and with shadows and marks to bring a more “dark” aspect and more consistent with the band’s concept.

Due to the originality and refinement of the cachaça, only one batch of the distillate was created, totaling only 400 bottles. Each bottle was properly numbered and this marking was made on the back label of the product, to make it even more exclusive. Some of the French oak barrels used in the production were transformed into chips to give as gifts to customers and to compose the special sales kit. The chips exude the smell of oak soaked in the aroma of cachaça.

To do justice to such a special product, we created an exclusive box in high quality cardboard and laser-cut acrylic cradle, which, in addition to the original cachaça, comes with a certificate of authenticity of the product, signed by the band members, a glass personalized for tasting the cachaça, and a mini box with oak chips from the barrels where it was aged.