DEVYNERIOS is a family of unique herbal liqueurs produced from 27 herbs that is the category leader in Lithuania. They represent Lithuania, unique, authentic production methods and recipes based on natural ingredients.

With the growth of DEVYNERIOS brand, the strengthening of sales in export markets, and the increasing restrictions on marketing communications, there was a need to highlight the roles of all three products in DEVYNERIOS family. Since all of the products are different in terms of their recipes, herbal compositions, serving recommendations and target audiences, that is exactly what we wanted to emphasise – the uniqueness and strengths of each of the products.

We started with the first challenge – clear unification of the products into a single family. All three beverages are united by a few key messages: natural ingredients, herbs and plants, and mysticism. This is why the motif of plants and herbs is dominant in the design of all of the products.

A new symbol has also been created as a unifying element. It underscores the pagan legend – the role of the three planes – the underworld, the earth and the sky. The purpose of the symbol is to strengthen the product’s Baltic roots and the mysticism that the brand fosters, thus creating a unique, recognisable and attractive brand image in export markets.

Each product in DEVYNERIOS family is unique and different. The key distinctions are also reflected in the label designs. DEVYNERIOS Originalios is the product that has the most to tell you. It is the oldest of the three, produced on the basis of historical sources, with a recipe dating back to pagan times, more than 500 years ago. This product is a legend. The design is dominated by brown colours that communicate authenticity, as well as texts/legends…

DEVYNERIOS Žalios is the most popular member of the herbal liqueur family. The green colour is one of the most recognisable aspects of the brand; dominated by a whirlwind of herbs, the design is multi-layered and rich – suitable for a fun night – luring and immersing you into the mystical nocturnal world of herbs.

DEVYNERIOS Raudonos is courage and energy – the youngest member of the family. Herbs flavoured with oranges, and cocktails, parties and fun. Courage and youthfulness are reflected using asymmetry and vivid, lively colours.

Studija CREATA


Designed by Studija CREATA (

Art director & designer Asta Kauspedaite 

Head of Product Development Jurate Paulauskiene

Photography: Edgaras Marozas (

Printing house Caris