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CF Napa Brands Sacramento’s First Post-Prohibition Era Distillery – Midtown Spirits

Midtown Spirits—the first distillery in Sacramento, California since Prohibition—came to CF Napa Brand Design with the mission to brand their flagship craft spirits in wow-worthy packaging. The first spirits to launch were:

Vodka – Crafted with Local Rice

“Clean, crisp, and smooth. From our prolific local rice fields to your glass, a uniquely fine drinking experience awaits.”

Gin – Not So Dry

“Made with juniper, coriander, lemon, chamomile, grapefruit, and fresh cucumber.”

Both were small batch, limited production spirits crafted from local rice. About 95% of California’s rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley; these spirits were a true expression of the region.

CF Napa Brand Design set out to create a juxtaposition between then and now, combining nostalgic elements harkening back to the Prohibition era while staying relevant to the 21st century consumer. Incorporated brand copy was emblazoned in short snippets across the front label to mimic the attention-grabbing headlines found on vintage newspapers:

Vodka – Crafted with Local Rice

“Smooth, approachable and well balanced. The unique qualities of the humble rice grain shine through in this vodka with an even mouthfeel. Possessing a moderate viscosity, this spirit can be sipped on alone with ease and enjoyment.”

Gin – Not So Dry

“A modern classic. Bright citrus aromas lead herbal hints and a touch of refreshing cucumber, followed by a smooth blanket of grapefruit, lemon peel, and chamomile.”

Industrial-inspired patterns and graphics modernized the spirits package and reflected the aesthetic of the distillery’s tasting room and restaurant.