BREATH – Divin Spirit

“In ancient times, gods and humans lived in harmony on earth. This prosperous era gave birth to a great civilization for which agriculture had no secrets, and which developed, among other things, a great knowledge of the cultivation and distillation of hops. To seal this union of peace forever and to leave a legacy for future generations, they decided to create a whisky of rare quality and to keep it secret so that it could survive the ages. Thousands of years later, Breath was found by explorers who had heard of the legend. It was able to come to light, reminding humans of their connection to the divine that had been forgotten over the ages…”

Breath is a creative reflection of the studio, like a snapshot that freezes a present inspiration. It intends to present a renewal of Zephyr, in its form and its aspirations. Challenged by the idea of creating a round bottle with a singular appearance, the studio comes to tell a strong story by pushing its creative limits. Finding the balance between aesthetics and meaning, between design and brand story, this is the challenge that animated us during the development of this project.

Breath is a real playground where we put no limits to our creativity and our desires, this project resembles us and it is a real luxury to be able to express ourselves so freely. Zephyr is breath, breath is life and life is creativity. Being able to tell a story through the creation of a brand image or packaging is what drives us every day. Design is an exciting profession through which we grow by creating ideas, stories and images.