Chili Maven Rebrand


The Common, Patchway, Bristol, UK


Chili Maven is a start up food brand, on a mission to bring new and exciting products into the UK market, inspired by the flavours of authentic Mexican recipes and chilli peppers. With over 4000 varieties of chilli globally – yet, in the UK, only a handful are known. Chili Maven were looking to take advantage of this gap in the market, to position themselves as experts in this field and market leaders for authentic chilli-based products, recipes and chilli education.


We developed a brand identity that celebrates the spirit and vibrancy of Mexico without cliched imagery, whilst simultaneously highlighting their niche within the chilli market. Using their first product to market – Salsa Macha – we crafted a simple packaging label that brought product education and brand messaging center-stage, as well as a stunning product photoshoot to launch the business.


The new brand logo is an illustrated adaptation of the eagle which appears on the Mexican flag and hails back to the time of the aztecs. This is a subtle cue to the country of origin without relying on cultural cliches and lazy stereotypes.

The bold colour palette is derived from the vibrance of traditional Mexican homes where Salsa Macha is created with unique family recipes. The paired back aesthetic brings attention to the core elements of the brand and stands out on busy shelves.

‘Macha’ means the brave one, and a lot of the discourse around spicy foods and hot sauces is about how much you can handle, and dare to try. Our new ‘Connoisseurs of Flavour & Fire’ strapline suggests it’s about more than what you can endure but actually enjoying the amazing flavours of these tempered chillis.



The Common, Patchway, Bristol, UK
Chili Maven