Suleyman Bagdat

We designed product packaging for Zaferan, one of the sub-brands of Ansa Pharma, which produces herbal beverages, food and health products in Turkey. The series, which will be sold in flexible packages, consists of 4 products. The company came to us with this new product line. The short demand of the firm is generally as follows;

  • The packaging should be displayed naturally.
  • The product content should be visually included in the packaging.
  • It should be traditional and look crazy Must be compatible with new products.
  • Must have a sense of taste

While solving these problems in design; This product, which is innovatively produced by combining cold tea, which is one of the new generation beverage trends, and Ottoman sherbet, has also handled the packaging design with entertainment, taste and a bit of tradition. We gave flavor to the design with product splashes and content illustrations scattered around the packaging. He wanted to add an aged air to the top of the package, which we divided into two using Kraft texture. We have given the product variant colors at the bottom. The brand has gone to the way of preparing a new innovative product in this product. For this, we made a new icon work for the COLD-BREW-DRINK concept. We preferred to use glasses to emphasize the last stage of the taste. Our focus in design has been naturalness and freshness, which is the purpose of existence of the brand.