Co.Salento Premium coffee

Diggin Design

Co.Salento is a family brand with 70 years of experience in the cultivation and production of exquisite coffee, from the high mountains of the Cocora Valley in Quindío, Colombia. The González Obando Family has been in charge of perfecting and maintaining for several generations a coffee-growing tradition that continues to this day and continues to grow with precision and attention to detail.

Co.Salento’s coffee had all the attributes to position itself as a brand of high care and quality, for this reason they were looking for a graphic and communicative development that would represent a premium coffee for all times.
Here, tradition and attention to detail come together to create the perfect combination of notes of flavor, origin and consistency that create a space to share at any time of day.

After digging into the roots of this coffee-growing tradition and the great virtues that revolve around a cup of coffee, we realized that Co.Salento was a timeless coffee with no distinction between generations, where moments are extended or shortened. in a particular way. A coffee where conversations, good times and even long nights at work flow through the flavors and aromas that emerge from the cup.

For the creation of its logo and symbol, we appropriated the concept of timelessness through the distortion of time. This is evidenced in the balanced distortion in the letters “o” which, in turn, functions as a container for the symbol, evoking the landscape with wax palms representative of the Cocora Valley.