Ecru: pop up package

Nour Salama

This package is highly inspired by the armadillo’s shell, which is filled with geometrical shapes, and its unique mechanism. Armadillo’s are desert animals, the word Armadillo comes from a Spanish word that means “little armored one” this is highly associated with its unique appearance; as armadillo’s are covered with bony plates all over their bodies, therefore they look like they are armed.

Armadillo’s also has a very interesting body mechanism; which is that they can roll up into a ball shape leaving only their “armour” as a shield on the outside; they regularly do this mechanism whenever they feel that predators will attack or threatened.

Therefore this design imitates a folding mechanism that circulates the food and wraps it while needing to pack it for takeout, similarly to the armadillo’s mechanism, another strong feature is that one can pop up the food by simply pressuring the package from the bottom area! Lastly, the geometrical origami is facilitated by the armadillos shell features, which are full of shapes! By merging such influences into the design; we come up with a delightful user experience, as a package remains elegant and strong while usage.