The first record of the written word “gin” is known to be “The Fable of the Bees”, a political essay from the 18th century. It’s not the most flattering portrait of this spirit drink, so we turned it around like magic to tell a different story, one that pays real tribute to this beloved elixir.

The term spirit is deeply rooted in Middle Eastern alchemy, considered by many as witchcraft, sorcery and deeply linked to esotericism. The Alchemist was also the Magician. In this fable, the peacock stage of alchemy comes to life and our Magician arises as a colourful metaphor that embodies science turned into a fantasy. This is a tale of ingredients that create the magic that is gin.

Having in mind that our planet is the most precious tale to tell, all the bottles were rescued from the surplus of the glass industry.

A label that embodies the power of color and adapts to different bottle shapes. A small batch of hand-numbered labels, each bottle being unique and guarding the uniqueness of the liquid within.