Icono Comunicadores

Lima, Perú

We were tasked with refreshing the Jack Vled labels to adapt them to the new summer format, focused on a younger audience. Looking to generate impact at first sight as they seek to expand to physical points of sale.

Creating a packaging proposal that seeks to differentiate itself in a market saturated by craft beers, highlighting its key brand elements – its characters – choosing an effervescent color palette, in neon colors with metallic print details.

The market is full of craft beer brands, some acquired by large conglomerates that manage to position themselves as top of mind for costumers. Jack Vled had to attract attention in point of sale through eye-catching packaging to compete with other brands that had a bigger advertising budget.


Icono Comunicadores

Lima, Perú

Creative Direction: Giuliana Gotuzzo

Design Director: Carlos Ascasibar

Illustration credits: Michel Casarramona y Henri Herisson

Photos: Pocho Cáceres