Nikola Scekic


Powerful, complex, and elegantly blended; Katerina Velika rakija is a premium liquor that encapsulates a passion for Macedonian culture.

The story of Katerina Velika began when a brave young woman of the same name took a leap of faith and decided to create a premium alcoholic drink that paid homage to the rich history of rakija. After being brought up in a family that had their own successful brandy business, a love for making high-quality liquor was in her genes and the invention of Katerina Velika inevitable.

By combining the practical production skills she learned growing up, with her extensive knowledge of industry trends studied from her home in the heart of Austria, Katerina Miteva has been able to create a stunning rakija that is lovingly handmade in Macedonia but blessed in Vienna.

Taking inspiration from an original and family recipe, this rakija is expertly crafted from high-quality ingredients to create a unique, multi-dimensional, and balanced flavour that is imbued with tradition. Using fruit that is sourced directly from the distillery’s very own vineyard, this rakija delivers anticipated sweet notes which are then offset perfectly by the subtle addition of aromatic rosemary.

For commiserations, celebrations, greetings and farewells – Katerina Velika rajika invigorates the palette on every occasion and evokes Macedonian life with every sip.