MAD Creative

Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, 603 - Centro, Curitiba - PR, 80430-180, Brazil

Make B. by O Boticário united two great passions its consumers: makeup and chocolate!

Using both consumption codes, we unified the aesthetics of food and cosmetics, using chocolate and its tones as prominent elements. We also added a surprise element as the packaging film is imitating a candy bar.

The product formulas have cocoa powder and cocoa butter that, in addition to moisturising and softening the skin, containing rich ingredients with nutrients and antioxidants.

The main objective is to bring the chocolate as a protagonist. With a different format and an innovative proposal we aimed to arouse the desire to collect or gift away through passion and visual desire.

Its shape is directly related to a box / candy bar. In addition, the primary packaging has a brush and a mirror, providing practicality when using and applying the product. We explored thoughtful details, for example, the embossing of the bulks that imitate the chocolate squares.

Changing the primary packaging from polymer to cardboard helped reduce plastic consumption and also the recycling process. In addition, by using film in the secondary packaging, we also reduced the final volume of each pallet, optimizing transport and logistics.

The challenge of creating an iconic and highly giftable packaging comes within the limitations of regulatory rules and we must not confuse the consumer. Through design we are able to imprint visual codes from the world of makeup and cocoa without creating obstacles and complications for their marketing.