While we are designing “Nutine”, we figure out in FGD that people tend to take more than one supplements at the same time. That behavior can cause 4 problems. Firstly, people have difficulty to classify products due to same label. Secondly, supplement’s bottles take up too much space. Thirdly, each supplements have different time to take so people forget time to consume. Lastly, it is easy to miss time to repurchase supplements which have different consumption periods. In order to solve these problems, we design new supplements.

When we make new containers, a point that we focus is to save customer’s space. The result of focus is a cylinder-shaped container that can store products by stacking them vertically. In order to stably stack containers, the shapes of the top and bottom of the container are designed to fit together. Nutine’s containers take up minimal space and it looks neat when stacking it. It also has a one-touch cap which role is to maintain the stability, instead of the twisted lid. This is convenient for customer in use of ease. According to the daily intake of each product, the size of the case has three different types in order to classification. We emphasize the fact that adapting to stack up system does not only mean saving space, but also signify piling health up.

Encouraging people to take supplement is hard. Nutine made blank space on the label where customers can write the date they started taking for motivating themselves consume all supplements within 2 months. The label is designed to convey product information directly. Nutine is easily classified by using different colors for each product line. Simple graphic symbols depict the benefit of supplement, amount of intake, and consuming time for making customer understand the pill deeply.