The Objective: K7 is one of the most popular antivirus brands in India. Delivering on consumer demand for computer and network security, they approached us to develop a new packaging system that uniquely showcases its offerings and conveys a personable quality.

The Solution: It was immediately understood to be much more than just a packaging design project. The resulting visual system was a manifestation of this notion.

We adopted a fresh graphic design approach to create an identity that reflects the user-focus of the brand. Using bold gradients and monotone imagery, we simplified the brand’s offering to more people and more effectively than before.

Beyond this, we wanted to shift the focus from identity to interaction. We did that by creating a packaging design that was impossible to get into, referencing the product usage. It was conveyed through a message on the bottom of the package reading, “Finding it impossible to get in? With K7, your computer virus will feel the same way.” 

We also ensured that the packaging remained functionally uncompromised by securing the activation code on the backside, underneath a scratch strip.


Creative Director: Janardhan Pokala
Creative Lead: Vijay Sabarish
Senior Visualiser: Joshua Bernard
Brand Executive: Sanjay S
Business Director: Yoganand Raju
Brand Head: Sushma Raghavan
Managing Director: Anand Venkatraman
K7 Security