Moo is an organic vegan company that provides creative ways to eat Vegan Meals and snacks. It aims to encourage not only vegan people to try different and unique vegan meals and snacks as well as encourage others such as meat eaters to try healthier options.

During the pandemics, people minimize the number of times that they go out for grocery shopping to avoid human contact. People are advised to stay home and eat their meal at home. Some do not want to buy take-way food because of hygiene purposes, some are bored of eating takeaway food and people are running out of ideas on what to eat, what to cook for their next meal.

The design objective is to create a pre-pack grocery meal kit that could provide few meals for customers so that they do not have to keep going out for grocery shopping and spend their time on thinking what to buy and also minimize the time of going out.

The MOO pre-pack grocery meal kit consists of two boxes of different meals. It provides 2 meals for 2 pax, which is vegetarian pasta and vegetarian taco. Vegetables, pasta, taco shells and sauces are prepared in the meal kit box. Sleeve is wrapped over the two boxes for secure and user-friendly use. Each item is packaged individually for hygiene purposes. Fruits and vegetables illustrations are designs on the box to showcase moo, a brand that sells organic groceries and gives the consumer a healthy vibe. The colors I chose for this pre-pack grocery meal kit are vibrant green, yellow and red. The vibrance colors are eye-catching and also trigger appetite. Instead of going out thinking what to buy and eat, Moo Pre-pack Grocery Meal Kit can be a great choice for consumers.


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