Manukora – Rethinking Manuka Honey


Vancouver, BC, Canada

In a world that’s increasingly prioritizing health and wellness, brands today have an opportunity to responsibly tap into the greatest source of all – mother nature. For Manukora, a New Zealand-based Manuka Honey producer, their commitment to natural ingredients and ethical production over the past 20 years already set them on their way.

Looking to rise above a saturated and commodity driven space, Manukora came to creative agency Pendo to rethink their brand and re-position them in the health and wellness space.

Focussing on the natural medicinal properties and benefits of Manuka, a restrained and sophisticated packaging system was designed. Materials and format were carefully considered, resulting in an upscale apothecary brand that is stripped down to the essentials.



Vancouver, BC, Canada

Creative Director: Peter Ladd

Brand Director: Don Cleland

Designers: Peter Ladd, Timothy King, Miya McGrew

Copywriter: Ryan Leeson

Photographer: Makito Inomata