Trivium Forever Canvas Challenge 2022


Trivium, a leading global supplier of sustainable metal packaging, has announced the winners of its Forever Canvas Challenge 2022. The design competition invited the creative community to create show-stopping graphics for Trivium’s metal packaging across three product design categories: beverage, pet food and sanitizer containers. Because metal recycles forever, it is a gleaming blank canvas that can uniquely come back for more, over and over again, inspiring the inaugural competition’s name, Forever Canvas.

Winner: Caitlin Wagg

Caitlin, a graphic design student from Australia, chose the beverage bottle category for her HB juice idea. She wowed the judges with her bold and eye-catching design for a range of juices.  Caitlin’s elegant design was inspired by the iconic yellow HB pencil. Her idea sprang from the insight that, to think creatively, we must fuel our brains with the proper nutrients.

Winner: Ines De Cueto Escobar

Ines chose the food can category for her playful cat food design. It was inspired by her lifelong fascination with food and its packaging, and her beloved cat Ludi. Ines, a design student from Spain currently studying in the UK, impressed the judges with her bright, fun design that has real personality. She created a ‘cat character’ that would really grab people’s attention in-store and on the shelf.  The resulting clean design with its striking colors and execution speaks for itself.

Winner: Sebastian Ricardo

Sebastian, a designer from Argentina, was inspired to make a hero of the material itself.  He used aluminum as the central element of his design, creating an impactful sanitizer bottle with a thoroughly premium feel. The design allows the stylish, brushed aluminum to shine through the central area for maximum impact. The judges were impressed that Sebastian’s design highlighted that the product protects both the body and the environment, and reflected the high quality of Trivium’s premium packaging.

The three budding designers had their designs made into real-life prototypes, which feature on Trivium Packaging’s new website. They received a consultation with acclaimed creative agency, This is Embrace, to refine designs and receive real, on-the-job training. “We were really impressed with the originality of the competition winners’ designs, and the thought behind them” says Simon Davies, MD of This is Embrace. “We enjoyed walking them through the process of turning an idea into a finished product and sharing our experience in branding and design. These next-generation creatives definitely have the talent to succeed.”

“It was great to see budding designers from across the world unleash their creativity on the blank canvas of our packaging,” says Ann Halvorsen, VP of Communications for Trivium Packaging. “The winners’ design expression showcases the aesthetic possibilities of metal packaging. From full coverage to utilizing the raw beauty of the canvas within a design, the finished products have excellent aesthetic appeal. With this competition, we aim to inspire the next generation of designers and brands to consider the possibilities of metal packaging, which is infinitely recyclable.”