Veuve du Vernay Limited International Edition Part 2

Los Navegantes, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile


Historic French wine house Patriarche returned to DAf to request another limited-edition packaging for their sparkling wine brand, Veuve du Vernay to help boost sales in the US. As was previously the case, the idea was to give this Brut a more contemporary feel and celebrate its French essence without relying on traditional visual cues associated with the country.

With a mind toward departing from some of the traditional visual codes of French sparkling wine, DAf worked with the client to define packaging that aligned with celebrating the essence of the modern French woman and contemporary French culture.

The first iteration showed an almost sartorial representation of sharp gold lines and small Vs interspersed, and the newest bottle sleeve displays a sophisticated, expanding spray of small red and gold Vs glinting against a black background to evoke the liquid’s effervescence while expressing contemporary French femininity. The Vs keep the name of the sparkling wine top of mind. The client has been delighted with the contemporary twist.

See previous packaging design:

Los Navegantes, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Agency: DAf. agency
Location: USA
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Printing Substrate: Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Flexography, Digital printing
Veuve du Vernay by Patriarche